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Getting Better Results Out Of Your Advertising Budget

It is estimated that up to 50% of media spends gets wasted.  It gets worse not knowing specifically which 50% is going where and who is looking at what, or more importantly not looking.

Marketers have consistently said they will increase their spending in digital media if they are able to improve their ROI (return on investment). So what should you do to optimize your advertising and to not buy irrelevant or fraudulent ad space. How do you not waste money? Here are a few simple tips for you to follow:

1. Use a Real-time Bidding (RTB) platform to buy media and users you want (and reject those whom you don’t want). RTB uses auctions to buy the most relevant users and generally drives better results for advertisers.

2. Use audience targeting where possible. Audience targeting or behavioral targeting is leveraging data relating to the target audience to place your ads. If you were selling flight tickets as an example, it would be better to sell them to someone who has an intention to travel and that is possible through audience targeting.

3. Use Artificial intelligence in Advertising. Artificial intelligence is now becoming an integral part of advertising. Artificial Intelligence  where the systems are learning about the audiences and predicting which user will convert or buy your product. T

4. Go cross channel. Most marketers think that their customers are still on desktops. With the post PC era already here, consumers are heavily using mobile as well as tablet apps.

Reduce Data Delivers Display Advertising – for both Performance and Brand marketers

Reduce Data aims to provide marketing teams with the best tools available to achieve results on their advertising campaigns.

Programmatic platform: Reduce Data is a programmatic advertising platform that leverages real-time bidding (auctions), big data and artificial intelligence in advertising to deliver results for your ad campaigns whether they are for direct response or for branding and reach.

How we use Artificial Intelligence to drive results: Reduce Data uses the best in class approach to leveraging artificial intelligence – a multi-agorithmic approach that has shown to deliver 3X better results together with real-time insights driven by our big data system.

Tools: Reduce Data also provides a significantly better toolset for advertisers and marketers who want to remain in control and these tools include

Workflow automation tools that help you to monitor and make changes to ad campaigns without requiring an army of campaign managers

Real-time analytics that delivers full transparency including site lists

- Algorithmic marketplace enabling you to leverage first party or third party algorithms and run A/B tests for campaign performance.

Attribution tools helping you to track conversions.

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